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Plate Recognition System

License Plate Recognition is the capacity to capture photographic video or images from license plates and transform the optical data into digital information in real-time. 

License plate recognition is a powerful tool for access control, traffic monitoring, tolling, and measuring journey time.


Police forces are already using License Plate Recognition for security and law enforcement through embedded cameras on their vehicles, on Segways or fixed control points to detect stolen, wanted or uninsured vehicles.

Smart Cities

Cities use License Plate Recognition to develop better policies based on a higher understanding of the traffic.

Free Flow / Ticketless Parking

Touchless, frictionless & ticketless parking installations where parkers don't have to stop at barriers parkers to enter, pay or exit: a smoother, faster and cleaner parking experience with minimum investment, thanks to LPR.


License Plate Recognition allows to automatize and digitalize the whole Parking operation, creating many possibilities to enhance capabilities and improve customer service.


Reliable license plate recognition (LPR), also referred to as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), has traditionally been costly and only relevant for a limited number of applications.

The rapid development of IP cameras and deep learning now allows for wider use of automatic LPR solutions. Depending on your needs, they can help to increase everyday efficiency, service levels and security.

Wide range of applications

Automatic LPR is a valuable solution for multiple applications, including: 

  • Parking management where it facilitates – or even automates – payment, entry and exit
  • Toll roads, to enable free-flow through toll plazas
  • Airport traffic management, to ensure that only authorized vehicles can access the taxi / public transport lanes
  • Access control, where the gate is only opened for authorized vehicles and all visiting vehicles automatically are registered
  • Vehicle alerts, where the solution provides an automatic alert when any of the vehicles on a watch list passes by