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Flexible, Automated Recognition System

Fast and efficient container recognition automates previously manual labor that was prone to error: The number of containers entering and leaving any port terminal during peak hours can be extraordinary. 

The Container Number Recognition System (CNRS) automatically recognizes container numbers which are located on the container roof and side walls with a set of cameras. Images taken by the camera are being evaluated by an optical character recognition Aksiyon software. CNRS can be used on cranes terminals for supervision purposes, as assistance system for the crane driver and for the remote control of automated stacking cranes.

Optimize resources with CNRS

Replacing manual identification of containers with an automated system provides valuable benefits for harbor operators.

Less errors

Reduced manual labor that caused bottle necks due to incorrect readings.

Increased efficiency

Effective management and operations at gate, yard, and loading and unloading of containers.

Higher throughput

Enhance time utilization and data management efficiency.


There are tens of millions of containers stacked in depots or in transit around the world by sea, rail or road and AKSCON Container Code Recognition helps track and identify them as they move around or are loaded onto vehicles.

The engine reads both horizontal and vertical codes and reports the container code number along with other metadata such as time, date, GPS position, confidence etc. The data provided includes the owner code, owner city, container type and dimensions to aid tracking and identification.  

AKSCON Container Code Recognition provides automatic detection and logging of containers on entry, between zones, during processes and on exit from Air and Sea ports automating and streamlining processes, ensuring Health & Safety, insurance and logistical chain management. Together creating efficient and secure transportation networks of the highest performance. 


During the lineup of product’s more than 12 years of existence, we have worked continuously to improve the technical characteristics of the recognition engine. Having a lineup of number recognition products lets us continuously grow our expertise while simultaneously advancing and improving the recognition kernel in the entire product lineup.