Highway License Plate Recognition System

This project was developed for City Entry and Exit, Private Intersection,  Intellicent Traffic Applications

    • Program runs using TCP / IP protocol in Server / Client mode.
    • LPR recognize vehicle plate, brand , color, type.
      Vehicle Brand : Audi BMW Chevrolet Citroen Dacia Dodge Fiat Ford Honda Hyundai, Toyota Volkswagen Volvo etc…
      Vehicle Color : White / Red / Blue / Yellow / Green / Black / Gray
    • contact any military vehicle database.
    • %98 Success Rate
    • Different formats can be reported(html, pdf, txt, pictured)
      • reporting according to date and time intervals.
      • reporting according to subscriber and quest vehicle.
      • reporting according to black and white list.
      • reporting according to Vehicle Brand, Color, Type
      • reporting according to origin of plate City or Country